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Kick off your first retro in remote

If you are just getting started, Timbo is a perfect remote retrospective tool to boost your facilitation skills

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Learn how to level-up your game as a Scrum Master with

Easy interface and quick setup

Best practice agile retro templates

Structured retro flow and guided steps

Mobile version to gather all team members

Learning materials brought to you by experts

Templates combo for each team case

Integration with Jira and Google Calendar

Facilitate conversations and focus on what matters rather than trying to figure out how the retrospective online tool works.

Timbo’s proven to make Scrum Master’s life easier!

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3 benefits of using Timbo for Sprint Retrospective

Quick & easy start

Get ready for your online retrospective in minutes with Timbo’s easy and intuitive interface that doesn’t require much time to master

Keep it organized as a pro

Using prebuilt retrospective templates helps you avoid common pitfalls and to implement industry-proven techniques.

Guide though process

Unlike other online retrospective tools, Timbo guides you through a structured meeting that helps set clear steps — brainstorm, discuss and create actions.